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Lightsys Expander 8-Zone Input

Original price was: KSh9,500.Current price is: KSh6,500.
The Lightsys Expander 8-Zone Input has the following features;
  • 8 Hardwired zone input
  • Maximum 3 x CP179 hard wired expanders per panel
  •  Current consumption: 13.8VDC +/-10%, 25 mA typical/30 mA max
  •  4-Wire Bus connection, up to 300 meters from main panel
  • Additional auxiliary power output
  •  Tamper zone input

Prosys 128 Alarm Control-Panel

Original price was: KSh50,000.Current price is: KSh47,000.
The Prosys 128 Alarm Control-Panel  has the following features;

Prosys 140 Alarm Control-Panel

Original price was: KSh40,000.Current price is: KSh38,500.
The Prosys 140 Alarm Control-Panel has the following features;
  •  8 zones expandable up to 128 4 or 8 system partitions
  • Auto-Install™ technology assures simple installation Bus test for pinpointing faulty wiring
  • Triple EOL termination for Grade 3: Allows alarm, tamper and mask on each single zone 4 groups per partition – enabling partial arming of a group of zones within a partition
  • Up to 32 schedules for arm/disarm and output control, supporting 2 intervals per day
  •  High security features such as double password, keypad disable during scheduled arm, and 2 separate buses
  • 6 fully programmable utility outputs onboard – one 3A relay, one 500mA open collector and four 70mA O.C.
  •  False alarm prevention features – such as fire alarm verification, programmable swinger shutdown, cross zoning, pulse counting, transmission delay, audible/visual exit delay
  •  One-man walk test Watchdog periodically performs self-test of the system
  •  Up to 99 user codes
  •  Up to 999 event log
  •  Box tamper
  •  Bell/Siren tamper
  •  Built in Siren Driver (900 mA)
  •  Automatic fuses