Dahua DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD Hard Drive

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Dahua DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD Hard Drive True-Tech

Dahua DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD Hard DriveThe DAHUA DHI-SSD-C800N256G is a 256GB SSD hard drive that comes in a sleek and stylish black design. It is a high-quality component made by DAHUA – a trusted brand in the world of technology

. The SSD hard drive is known for its superior performance and reliability compared to traditional HDD hard drives.

The DAHUA DHI-SSD-C800N256G is designed to deliver fast read and write speeds,

making it ideal for use in systems where speed is critical. It is also resistant to physical shock and vibration

, making it more durable and reliable than traditional hard drives.

The SSD hard disks rely on NAND-based flash memory to store data, which is faster and more reliable than traditional magnetic media

. The DAHUA DHI-SSD-C800N256G ensures that your data is stored securely and reliably, thanks to features such as end-to-end data protection,

power loss protection, and dynamic wear leveling.

In summary, the DAHUA DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD hard drive is a reliable

, high-performance component that can help improve the efficiency and speed of your system. It is an ideal storage solution for anyone who needs reliable, fast, and secure storage for their data.

Dahua DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD Hard Drive is the perfect product to reach your electronics and computers goals

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Dahua DHI-SSD-C800N256G 256GB SSD Hard Drive

KSh4,500KSh5,000 (-10%)

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