SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter

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The SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter has the following features:

  • The Power meter comes with an LED Light, Thus making its management easy.
  • It also has a wide measurement range, high resolution.
  • This device is suitable for Single Mode and Multi Mode applications.
  • It also has a 2.5mm universal connector.
  • It also has an Auto power off, that can easily be cancelled.

SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter True-Tech

SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter comes with an LED Light, thus making its management easy.
In addition it has a a wide measurement range and a high resolution, hence making it suitable for Single Mode and Multi Mode.

Product Specifications:

Devices Display Range for EXT & EXC.


The display range for SAT-4EXT is 1310/1490/1550/1625:-70–+10 dBm

850/1300: -60–+6 dBm

Whereas the display range for SAT-4EXC is 1310/1490/1550/1625:-50–+26 dBm
850/1300: -40–+26 dBm
With an effective Accuracy of :± 0.2dB
Calibrated WavelengthsThe device offers a Calibrated Wavelengths 850nm/1300nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550/nm/1625nm
Display Resolving PowerIt also has a resolving power of 0.01dB
LinearityIn addition it has a Linearity of ± 0.2 dB
OPM Connector2.5mm universal
VFL Connector2.5mm universal
VFL Output(Optional)1mW or 10mW, CW and Glint
LED LightFor ease in management there’s an LED Light for SOS code output
Automatic Power OffNo operation in 10 minutes (can be cancelled),

Low battery energy.

Battery ChargeYes
Battery LifeWith a battery life of Above 60 hours(OPM), thus making it superior that other products.
Size105mm X 52mm X24mm
WeightAbout 100g
Storage TemperatureFor efficiency it should be stored in a temperature of -20—+60 ℃
Operating TemperatureAnd an operating temperature of -10—+50 ℃
HumidityEqually important it should be kept at a Humidity of <90%RH

4EXT=OPM(-70—+10 dBm)+VFL(NA/1mw/10nw)/No VFL

4EXC=OPM(-50—+26 dBm)+VFL(NA/1mw/10mw)/No VFL


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SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power MeterSAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter

SAT-4EX Mini-Optical Power Meter

KSh14,000KSh15,000 (-7%)

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