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Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus

  Cloud Key Gen 2 Plus Features:
  • Comes with easy setup, Compatible with the free UniFi Network and UniFi Protect mobile apps.
  • Simple, Bluetooth-powered console setup via the Network and Protect mobile apps.
  • Powered by 802.3af PoE or QC 2.0 USB-C.
  • Built-in battery for automatic safe shutdown.
  • Pre-installed 2.5", 1 TB hard drive that can be upgraded to 5 TB.
  • Front panel display that helps you to review UniFi system details at a glance.
  • Allows you to easily scale your deployment by connecting additional UniFi devices.

Ubiquiti PowerBridge M5(PBM5)

Ubiquiti PowerBridge M5(PBM5) Features:
  • Frequency: 5GHz
  • Throughput: 150+Mbps
  • Range: 20+km