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Nemtek Druid 15 Electric Fence Energizer

The Nemtek Druid 15 Electric Fence Energizer has the following features; 4.6 Joule output energy (single zone) • Robust and flexible design for home and commercial security • Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module • Lightning and power surge protection • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life • Easy-to-use tag included for controlling the energizer • Walk test mode for easy fence testing • The LCD background colour changes to easily identify the fence condition • Powered by 240V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power • Built-in gate alarm input to monitor if the gate is open or closed • Optional keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. This allows the user to control the energizer remotely, with up to two keypads