Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas

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The Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas has the following features;

  • VSWR (max.) 1.80: 1
  • Vertical Polarization
  • Beam width half-power (-3dB) – horizontal 360 °
  • width half-power (-3dB) – vertical 15 °
  • XPD (Discrimination of cross-polarization) > 20dB
  • Power compound maximum 50W
  • DC earth if
  • Impedance 50Ω
  • Connector N female
  • Diameter mounting diameter ø 38… 51mm
  • Dimensions (without mounting) 540x26mm
  • (incl. Mounting) 0.36 kg
  • Outdoor environment

Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas True-Tech

The Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas

Product description

The Interline HORIZON 9 WiFi omni antenna is designed for the 2.4 GHz frequency band (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) and has a gain of 10dBi.

The HORIZON series antennas are one of the most famous omnidirectional antennas available on the market. Carefully constructed, small, perfectly suited for the base stations of medium-range using a single access point. In locations where there is a large number of other networks, particular attention should be on the selection of the proper range for the cells and antennas should not have too big gain, because the access points connected to them are likely to receive unwanted signals coming to them from distant networks.

Omni antennas are characteristically constructed to cover a large area, providing the WiFi signal into all directions. It will be typically used for base stations (e.g. Router / AP).

The enclosure of the HORIZON 9 omni antenna is made of heavy fiberglass. The robust, light weight and UV resistant construction is weatherproof (IP64 rating) which makes the antenna usable for in- and outdoor appliances.

The HORIZON 9 is designed for mast/pole or wall handle installation (see mounting hardware). A mounting kit (angle bracket and u-clamp for 30-50mm diameter handles) is included

Technical Data:

Model:HORIZON 9 (IH-G09-F2425-V)
Type of Antenna:Omnidirectional Antenna
Impedance:50 Ohm
Frequency:2.4 – 2.5 GHz
(IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
VSWR:max. 1.5
Polarisation:Vertical (Linear)
Beam width:360° Horizontal
15° Vertical
Connector:N female
Appliance:In- and Outdoor (IP64)
max. Windload:20N (@170km/h)
Dimensions:56,5cm x 2,6cm
Operating Temperature:-20° to +60° C


Scope of delivery

1 x Interline HORIZON 9 – 2.4 GHz WiFi 9dBi Omni Antenna
1 x Mounting kit with and u-clamp for 30-50mm handles
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Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-AntennasHorizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas

Horizon IH-G09-F2425-V Interline Omni 9/2.4GHz-Antennas

KSh8,500KSh11,000 (-23%)

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