Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System


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The Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System has the following features:

  • Provides for a maximum configuration of 8 Analogue CO / 24 Extensions.
  • Call Forwarding (Busy / No Answer / Follow-Me / to Outside).
  • Built-in Voice Message (BV).
  • DISA (Direct Inward System Access).
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD).
  • Caller ID Display on SLTs and APTs.
  • Allow SMS message senders to address their messages.
  • Directly to a specific user’s SLT (Single Line Telephone).


Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System True-Tech

The Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System has a Built-in Voice Message (BV), it also supports Uniform Call Distribution (UCD).

In addition it provides for a maximum configuration of 8 Analogue CO / 24 Extensions.

It also supports Call Forwarding for Busy, No Answer, Follow-Me and to Outside, thus highly recommended.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access).

Product Specifications:

Total Number of Trunks (Maximum)8
Analogue (Maximum)8
Total Number of Extensions (Maximum)24
SLT (Maximum)24
APT (Maximum)16
DSS Console (Maximum)2
Built-in VM (ch) (Maximum)2
Doorphone (Maximum)4
Door Opener (Maximum)4
External Sensor (Maximum)No
External Relay (Maximum)4
Control BusOriginal bus (16-bit, 24 MHz)
SwitchingSpace Division CMOS Crosspoint Switch
Power Input100 V AC to 240 V AC, 1.5 A to 0.75 A, 50 Hz/60 Hz
External Battery+24 V DC (+12 V DC x 2)
Maximum Power Failure Tolerance300 ms (without using backup batteries)
Memory Backup Duration7 years
Dialling Outside (CO) LinePulse (10 pps, 20 pps) or Tone (DTMF)
Dialling ExtensionPulse (10 pps, 20 pps) or Tone (DTMF)
Intercom Path4
Mode ConversionPulse-DTMF
Ring Frequency20 Hz/25 Hz (selectable)
Operating Environment Temperature0 ‹C to 40 ‹C
Operating Environment Humidity10 % to 90 % (non-condensing)
Conference Call Outside (CO) Line2
Music on Hold (MOH)1 port Selectable MOH: Internal/External/Tone
Internal Paging1
External Paging1 port
Serial Interface Port RS-232C1
Serial Interface Port USB 1.11
Extension Connection Cable SLT1-pair wire (T, R)
Extension Connection Cable PT2-pair wire (T, R, H, L)
Extension Connection Cable DSS Console1-pair wire (H, L)


368 mm (W) x 284 mm (H) x 102 mm (D)
Weight (when Fully Expanded)Approx. 3.5 kg
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824602-Port Doorphone Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824614-Port Doorphone Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824748-Port SLT Extension Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824802-Port Analogue CO Line and 8-Port SLT Extension Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824833-Port Analogue CO Line and 8-Port Hybrid Extension Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE82491Message Expansion Card for DISA/UCD OGMs
Optional Service Cards KX-TE824922-Channel Voice Message Card
Optional Service Cards KX-TE82494*13-Port Caller ID Card
Proprietary Equipment KX-A227Backup Battery Cable
Proprietary Equipment KX-T30865Door phone
Outside (CO) Line Group8
Extension Group8
Absent MessageYes
Message WaitingYes
Number of Characters of Name10
Extension Number Digits2 or 3
Call Park Zone10
Conference (5-Party)1
Account Code4 digits, 50 entries
Host PBX Access Code1 or 2 digits, 8 entries
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)Yes
Call Log Printout for Each ExtensionYes
Intercom CallYes
Outgoing Message (OGM) for DISA/UCDYes
Emergency CallYes
Quick DiallingYes
System Speed Dialling32 digits, 100 entries
Personal Speed Dialling24 digits, 10 entries/extn.
One-Touch DiallingYes
Hot LineYes


Leading Number Table7 digits, 80 entries
Leading Number Exception Table7 digits, 80 entries
ARS Carrier4
Class of Service (COS)Yes
Denied Code Table11 digits, 80 entries
Exception Code Table11 digits, 80 entries
Incoming Call LogYes
System Password4?7 digits
Extension Password4 digits
Voice Message Access Code4?10 digits
Direct In Line (DIL)Yes
Intercept RoutingYes
Outside (CO) Line Ringing SelectionYes
Ring Tone Pattern SelectionYes
Distinctive Ring Detection (DRD) for New ZealandYes
Call WaitingYes
Idle Extension HuntingYes
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)Yes
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) RingYes
Log In/Log OutYes
Call Forwarding (FWD)Yes
Do Not Disturb (DND)Yes
Line Preference-IncomingYes
Call PickupYes
Hands-Free AnswerbackYes
Account Code EntryYes
Dial Type SelectionYes
Reverse CircuitYes
CO Busy OutYes
Pause InsertionYes
Host PBX Access Code (Access Code to the Telephone Company from a Host PBX)Yes
Line Preference-OutgoingYes
Outside (CO) Line AccessYes
KX-T7710 One-Touch DiallingYes
Speed Dialling (Personal/System)Yes
Automatic Callback Busy (Camp-On)Yes
Executive Busy OverrideYes
Call Waiting ToneYes
Toll Restriction (TRS)Yes
Toll Restriction (TRS) Override by Account CodeYes
Budget ManagementYes
Extension LockYes
Walking COSYes
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)Yes
Hands-Free OperationYes
Room MonitorYes
Microphone MuteYes
Headset OperationYes
Data Line SecurityYes
External Feature Access (EFA)Yes
Outside (CO) Line Call LimitationYes
Paralleled TelephoneYes
Calling Party Control (CPC) Signal DetectionYes

Call Transfer

Call Hold for the Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-SystemYes
Call ParkYes
Call SplittingYes
Consultation HoldYes
Doorphone CallYes
Door OpenYes
Doorbell/Door ChimeYes
Background Music (BGM)Yes
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)Yes
Built-in Voice Message (BV)Yes
Caller IDYes
Fixed Line SMS Terminal SupportYes
Fixed ButtonsYes
Flexible ButtonsYes
LED IndicationYes
Display InformationYes
Voice Mail APT IntegrationYes
Voice Mail Inband (DTMF) IntegrationYes
Call Charge CalculationYes
Extension Feature ClearYes
Timed ReminderYes
Dial ToneYes
Confirmation ToneYes
Extension Jack ConfigurationYes
Time ServiceYes
Operator/Manager FeaturesYes
PC ProgrammingYes
PT ProgrammingYes
Automatic Time AdjustmentYes




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Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-SystemPanasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System

Panasonic KX-TES824 Hybrid PBX-System


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